Vocals, Guitar / Jackson Marquardt
Lead Guitar / Ean Steinberger
Keys, Trumpet / Marcus Grey
Bass / Ryan Chavez
Drums, Backing Vocals / Brendan Marquardt


City in the Clouds began in 2015 as a freshman dorm jam session in Room 212.  Jackson Marquardt played drums; Ean "Luke London" Steinberger played bass; Marcus Grey played trumpet.

And as luck would have it, Marcus was the only one who sounded decent, so he continued to play trumpet in future jams.  Ean and Jackson switched to lead and rhythm guitar, respectively, with Jackson taking over lead vocals.  Marcus eventually decided he wanted to get in on this game of musical…um…instruments…so he began to bounce between trumpet and keys.

During their freshman year, the trio performed stripped-down cover songs at open-mic nights under the name "Q, T, and π" before deciding to form a rock band that would write original material.

Jackson's brother, Brendan Marquardt, joined as the drummer, supporting vocalist, and official band wildcard.  The band began to perform at local clubs, parties, and festivals.  And aswith all rock 'n' roll bands, these guys went through some horrible band names before arriving at "City in the Clouds."

Inspired by the recording studio scene in Oh Brother, Where Art Thou, the band decided that they wanted to "sing into a can."  They began working on demos and lyrics for their first studio project in August of 2016, and then in September they recorded a 12-song LP with producer Drew Boullianne.  'The Contents of Box 212' is a three-part album that takes the listener through the musings (or "shower thoughts") of a single day, divided by advertisements for breakfast, lunch, and dinner products from the fictitious "CloudyCity, Inc."  

Highlights from the album include "Shower Thoughts" - a video game-inspired love song featuring rap vocals from guest R.J. Paige, "Dirty Dan" – a bouncy and frantic tune about F.O.M.O., and the title track: a dream sequence in which the food ads are reprised to shape the desires of the next day.

After producing Contents, the band began to perform all around the Northeast, playing with artists such as the Alvarez Kings, Nevershoutnever, and the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.  They went on their first full tour in the summer of 2017 playing in historic venues in cities such as New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Atlanta and Nashville. 


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